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A licensed professional who helps rehabilitate patients who have difficulty walking, transferring from surface to surface or have poor balance and gait deviations. We work with patients recovering from a surgery and need instruction in movement, gaining strength, and reducing pain. We also provide education and guidance on how to properly use walkers, canes, shower benches, rails, ramps, and grab bars.

Our staff works with the following:

  • Gait training with or without equipment
  • Techniques to increase joint mobility
  • Skilled therapy for pain control
  • Home exercise programs
  • Assist patients with function, mobility, and safety in their homes
Nurse in scrubs helping an eldery lady with her phsycial therapy.

ERIN and KASI helped me through recovery of double hip surgery and subsequent fracture. They made it possible for me to be able to get up and move around so I could be up to bathroom, kitchen and just be able to care for myself. God bless them both. They were professional and extremely caring.

Paula M., Leavenworth, KS

They helped me with every day activities and got me over the pain.

Charles C., Blue Springs, MO

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