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An occupational therapist is a licensed professional who helps patients develop, improve, as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living. They address daily routines, medication adherence, self-management, and upper extremity strength. Occupational therapists utilize techniques to help patients regain function and independence. Occupational therapy also addresses strategies to conserve energy, reduce the demands of activities, and self-monitor to avoid exacerbations.

We do instruction for self care and safety in the home. Our staff teaches muscle re-education and skills used for daily living. We also offer instruction in the use of adaptive equipment.

In-home nurse helping an elderly woman out of the shower.

All of my healthcare workers went above and beyond to provide me with care and support. Excellent team!!!

Cheryl B., Kansas City, KS

I thought the people that came were capable, kind, pleasant and helpful.

Margaret R., Independence, MO

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