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Aquinas Carondelet staff shows support for Riverbend Post Acute Rehab facility

Residents and staff at Riverbend Post Acute Rehab facility in Kansas City, Kansas have been hit hard by COVID-19.  Staff members of Aquinas Carondelet Home Health want to show our support for the residents and staff.

On Friday, April 17, 2020 at 1 pm the home health staff will be at the facility chalking the windows, delivering handmade art work, inspirational notes and goodie bags for Riverbend’s residents and staff.  We will also be putting up signs of inspiration and encouragement so the residents can see them from their windows.

Eileen Orel, RN and Executive Director of Aquinas Carondelet Home Health will be available to answer questions.

In healthcare, we are all in this together.  We must stand strong and support our community.

Story from FOX4 News:

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A group of nurses, medical professionals and volunteers are hoping to spread some positive vibes during the coronavirus outbreak at a KCK rehab center.

At Riverbend Post Acute Rehab Facility, more than 92 residents have tested positive along with 24 staff members. Nineteen residents have died from the virus.

On Friday, a group from Aquinas Carondelet Home Health spent the day chalking windows and delivering artwork, inspirational notes and signs to residents and staff.

It’s a movement they hope will help brighten the mood.

“I would imagine they are feeling isolated,” said Eileen Orel, executive director at Aquinas Carondelet. “There’s been so much negativity surrounding this, and we’d like to pull from the positive.”

For many families with loved ones in nursing homes, it’s been weeks since they’ve gotten to see their relatives in person.

This group hopes their kind acts will uplift the people living and working at Riverbend, even after they leave.

“We wanted to show our support as health care professionals to our peers here in this building and to our friends’ families,” Orel said.

“There are so many amazing people. Some good friends of ours’ parents are there, and I know they are sad they have not been able to go in and see them. This is what the community of Wyandotte County always does, which is circle around each other.”

The group also made gift bags for the workers, handmade cards for residents, and signs along the road.

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